48th Javelin Carnival starts on Wednesday

Top throwers and youngsters again heading to Pihtipudas

Pihtipudas will be once again full of javelin throwers this week. The main competition takes place on Sunday 1st July and javelin school is carried out on the previous days from Wednesday to Sunday. Javelin school has been rolling on now over 40 years gathering around 200 participants every year. Basically, all the top Finnish throwers have been those “little javelin students” in their childhood and starting their road to success in Pihtipudas. So, Javelin Carnival in Pihtipudas is very important place not only teaching young throwers but also transferring the javelin heritage from older generations to new ones. This year we will have totally 34 participants in the javelin school from abroad.

In the main competition we will see this year very nice group of throwers both in men and women. Men’s top rivals are Oliver Helander (PB 85.46), Hamish Peacock (84.39) and Braian Toledo (83.23). In the women’s competition the top throwers are Kelsey Barber (PB 64.57), Lina Muze (62.05), Heidi Nokelainen (62.13) and Jenni Kangas (60.98).