Javelin Carnival results 30 June 2022

KeihäskarnevaalitPihtiputaan Tuisku30.06.2022  F20 Keihäs Loppukilpailu 1)   Jani Tissari                     HankasHa                  39,96                  39,41  39,96  39,56  37,39  38,38  36,60  F21 Keihäs Loppukilpailu 1)   Jani Töyrylä                     IitPy                     27,16                  22,92  26,44  23,59  25,74  25,54  27,16  F44 Keihäs Loppukilpailu 1)   Sandeep Chaudhary                IND                       59,30                  55,58  57,38  57,47  59,30  x      59,05  F54 Keihäs Loppukilpailu 1)   Petri Hirvasniemi                OulPy                     […]

Sign up for Javelin Carnival 2021 is open!

We have good news – The sign up for upcoming summer’s Javelin Carnival 30 June – 4 July 2021 has been opened. You may hurry up as the price goes up after 1 June. We all are worried about corona virus situation during the summer. But, we will do our best to organize Javelin carnival […]

The 50th Javelin Carnival will be moved into summer 2021

The 50th Javelin Carnival will be cancelled from this year and postponed into summer 2021. The reason is corona virus and it’s consequences to mass events and people’s health. Dates in 2021 will be announced later. Children’s and their families health is priority number one for us, and that was the biggest reason for Javelin […]

48th Javelin Carnival starts on Wednesday

Top throwers and youngsters again heading to Pihtipudas Pihtipudas will be once again full of javelin throwers this week. The main competition takes place on Sunday 1st July and javelin school is carried out on the previous days from Wednesday to Sunday. Javelin school has been rolling on now over 40 years gathering around 200 […]

Atte Sailola mastered the 100 m javelin competition

The first ever combined throws competition was a success in Pihtipudas. The idea was a combined result of both hands throwing results. The winner was Atte Sailola with result of 110.52 meters. That is barely better than Julius Saaristo in 1912 with his Olympic gold medal result 109.42 m. Sija Sarja Nimi Oikea käsi Vasen […]

Javelin Carnival starting as a part of programme on Finland 100 years

47 th Javelin Carnival starts tomorrow with a great amount of throwers and javelin friends once again in Pihtipudas. Five days of javelin school provides to it’s participants top-level coaching, training and social life with the javelin family. We have about 200 participants in the javelin school, of which almost 40 throwers and coaches come […]

Javelin school gathers over 200 participants to Pihtipudas

There are over 200 young javeling throwers signed up for Pihtipudas Javelin Carnival’s javelin school. With competition throwers there will be over 250 throwers and coaches gathering up to Pihtipudas. Over 60 of them come from abroad, which is the biggest amount ever. Javelin Carnival starts on Wednesday 29 June with competitions for age groups from […]

Javelin Winter Championships on 23rd January 2016

Championship meeting for winter javelin will take place in Tampere already on 23rd January 2016. This time there won’t be a javelin school together with the winter championships, because of many coincidences. Signing up for the winter championships is to be done via  

The European Javelin Symposium 21-22 November 2015 in Tanhuvaara

Symposium has now 170 registered participants from 18 different countries! (at 13 Nov 2015) Modern Javelin Throwing The Finnish Athletics Federation, the European Athletics Association and Tanhuvaara Sports Institute together will be organizing a seminar offering coaching knowledge from top experts. The seminar will include presentations on diverse javelin training methods, starting with the very […]

Results 28 June 2015

Javelin Carnival Pihtipudas 28 June 2015 RESULTS M Keihäs 1. Ari Mannio                              LehtimJy            80,69 80,02      X  80,26      X  79,90  80,69 2. Zigismunds Sirmais                      LAT                 76,86 74,08  74,01      X      X  76,86  76,64 3. Gabriel Wallin                          SWE                 76,79 70,23  67,92  70,95  74,80  76,79      X 4. Toni Sirviö                             SulkU               76,12 70,97  75,01  73,45  76,12      X  73,94 5. Harri […]