In 1971 Leo Pusa came back to his hometown to train for the summer and a group of people showed up at the track to follow the his training. During their discussions they sadly stated that there are no javelin competitions during the weekend of the Relay-Nationals, so one of the persons (Erkki Kivivuori) said why don’t we arrange a javelin competition here in Pihtipudas that weekend! Everyone thought it was a good idea and the was also introduced to the Pihtipudas native Jorma Kinnunen who got excited about the idea and started talking about it to the other top throwers at that time. Since there were no other competitions held at the same date, almost all the best Finnish throwers showed up for the meet.

There were over 1000 spectators at the first meet, where the gold medallist from London 1948 Tapio Rautavaara was the commentator.

1974 was the first year of women taking part, there was only one competitor, but every year from then on also the women’s competition gathered more throwers.

In 1975 the first javelin school was held, with 28 youngsters taking part. The idea was to show and tell the younger ones how to throw the javelin and how to train for it. Over the years more and more people have taken part in the Javelin School and the last years over 200 kids have participated in the school.
The thing that makes the Javelin School so special is that ex throwers serve as instructors. Many of the Finnish top names like; Jorma Kinnunen, Hannu Siitonen, Tapio Korjus, Tiina Lillak, Tuula Laaksalo have over the years guidedthese young throwers on their way to the top and have given them valuable advice on the way!

Many of the successful throwers nowadays have at a younger age taken part in the Javelin School, ex Kimmo Kinnunen, Heli Rantanen, Aki Parviainen, Mikaela Inberg, Taina Uppa and Harri Haatainen.

The Javelin carnival has over the years grown to become a very important happening for the javelin people in Finland and abroad. It is not only a place where young and old javelin throwers and fans can get together, but also a place where we can keep the tradition of successful Finnish Javelin throwers alive!

You are welcome to take the opportunity to be part of the Finnish Javelin History, an experience you won’t forget!!

Ensimmäisten Keihäskarnevaalien osallistujat vuonna 1971